Sputnik: Fall 2020 - November 19 - November 21, 2020

Suffolk University Theatre Department






We dedicate these Sputnik presentations to Theatre Department Managing Director, Jim Kaufman, who will be retiring on January 1, 2021. Jim has worked tirelessly over the past 21 years, to promote enrichment opportunities for generations of Theatre students. Jim's wisdom,  his open-hearted curiosity and collegiality, and his conscientious dedication to the Theatre Department will be sorely missed.


Photo credit: Michael J. Clarke





The Suffolk University Theatre Department is a student-centered department. Students write, direct, and design their own original plays and intern with leading theatre companies, both at Suffolk’s Modern Theatre and with organizations throughout the United States. Students work in classic, musical, and experimental genres with a special focus on new work.


Marilyn Plotkins  – Chair, Artistic Director of the Modern Theatre


Jim Kaufman – Managing Director


Wesley Savick – Professor


Richard Wadsworth Chambers – Professor


Laura Shink – Assistant Professor


Heather Stern – Assistant Professor of Practice


Jim Bernhardt – Director of Production


Steven McIntosh – Technical Director


Rosalind Beauchemin – Communications Manager


Erica Brown – Front of House Management


Ben Sigda – Operations Coordinator, Modern Theatre


Elektra T. Newman [SU ‘18] – Technical Theatre Assistant


Michael Hadley – Administrative Services Coordinator



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