To Gather Apart - October 22 - October 24, 2020

Suffolk University Theatre Department
The Suffolk University Theatre Department



Book by

Nael Nacer (SU '06) & the cast

Musical Direction by

Scott Nicholas





Cleve Anthony

Lily Ayotte

Madlynn Grace Bard

Anastasia (Taso) Bolkwadze 

Bethany Cabral

Gabriella Rosalia Carli 

Mateus Feltrin Cezario 

Lizzie Costa

Vincent Douglass

Allison Hanna

Melany Hill

Emma Hudd

Katie M. Johnson

Andrea Sofia Rodriguez Josoy  

Grace Kelly

Kieran Khanna

Hannah Kupson

Camille Lajoie

Jackie MacAvery

Arianna Mansaray

Zoë Meyers

Andrea Rodríguez

Kayla Sessoms

Collin Smith

Kiara Caridad Stewart

Casey Williamson





Production Stage Manager

Ross Gray


Scenic Design

Richard Wadsworth Chambers*


Sound Design

Samantha Noto


Marketing & Publicity

Rosalind Beauchemin

Assistant Director

Liv Joan Florek


Costume Design

Leslie Held


Production Manager

Jim Bernhardt

Video Design

Kathy Wittman


Lighting Design

Steven McIntosh


Stage Management Supervisor

Heather Stern


Key Art & Graphic Design

Matthew Eriksen (SU '15)


Assistant Stage Managers

Sklyar H. Ahern, Michael T. McCarthy,

Olivia McDonnell, Reagan E. Petro, Kendyl Trott

Directed by

Nael Nacer


Special Thanks: Nael would like to thank: Dana Nacer, Alice Nacer, Laura Shink, Wesley Savick, Gigi Watson, and Marianna Bassham. Also to: Winnie Chiang and Kendra Waugh.

WARNING: Photography, sound, video or any other electronic capturing or recording of and/or distribution of such on any medium, including the internet, of any performance without the written permission of the management is strictly prohibited.  

* Member United Scenic Artists, Local USA 829. A labor union and professional association of Designers, Artists and Craftspeople, many who are world famous, organized to protect craft standards, working conditions and wages for the entertainment and decorative arts industries.