To Gather Apart - October 22 - October 24, 2020

Suffolk University Theatre Department


Crew Members  
Writer and Director  
Nael Nacer  
Assistant Director  
Liv Joan Florek  
Production Stage Manager  
Ross Gray  
Assistant Stage Managers  
Sklyar H. Ahern, Michael T. McCarthy, Olivia McDonnell, Reagan E. Petro, Kendyl Trott
Video Design  
Kathy Wittman  
Scenic Design  
Richard Wadsworth Chambers*  
Costume Design  
Leslie Held  
Lighting Design  
Steven McIntosh  
Sound Design  
Samantha Noto  
Musical Direction  
Scott Nicholas  
Production Manager  
Jim Bernhardt  
Assistant Production Manager  
Steven McIntosh  
Stage Management Supervisor  
Heather Stern  
Marketing & Publicity  
Rosalind Beauchemin  
Key Art & Design  
Matthew Eriksen  

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