Disney's Beauty and the Beast - February 17 - February 22, 2021

Sullivan South High School


We began work on this show in May 2020, well as best we could...  The show was announced and the script was shared.  


We had virtual auditions (a new thing for all of us) in August 2020.


We rehearsed this show REMOTELY,  in HYBRID and IN-PERSON and let us tell you, it was a huge challenge!!


The students had tried their very best regardless of the situation and we have pushed them hard to bring out the best of them.  


Mrs. Noah's favorite song is ME and Mrs. Roller's favorite song is IF I CAN'T LOVE HER.


In the cast and crew, we have a Ty and 2 Tylers, 2 Jacksons, 2 Carters, 2 Hannahs, a Kaylie, a Haley and a Hailey, 3 last names of Sanders, a Madison and a Madelyn, 3 Elis, 2 Rachels, a girl named Belle in a show with the character named Belle, and two sets of parents and children.


The dates for show changed weekly and the kids just rolled with it.

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