Disney's Beauty and the Beast - February 17 - February 22, 2021

Sullivan South High School

 Tech Crew 

Crew Members  
Sound Engineering  
Professional Costuming  
Norcostco, Inc
Enchanted Object Costuming  
Caroline Cavin, Faith Kestner, Eliza Sanders, Madison Cox, Ireland Mitchell, Kristen Sanders
Professional Backdrops  
Christian Youth Theatre of San Diego, CA
Enchanted Rose  
Stage Monkey
Lighting Crew  
Madison Cox and Ireland Mitchell
Stage Crew  
Benji Cowden, Noah Drumwright, Aaron Holmes, Tyler Blakley, Eli Bledsoe, Rachel Johnson, Dezaray Ketron, Arabella Laughlin, Sophie Lee, Camryn Kophammer, Emma Hopkins, Dylan Gray, Eli Jones, Caden Wampler, Michael Riddle, Sienna Bright, Brandon Hicks

The set was designed and mostly constructed by Fall Semester Advanced Technical Theatre.  There were only 11 students in Advanced Technical class and they were only together to work on the set, props and costumes for roughly six weeks. 


Spring Term General Technical Theatre has joined and helped with construction and being Stage Crew.



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