Newsies - March 19 - March 21, 2020

Tamaqua Area High School


This show combines the unique and varied talents of over 120 students and staff members. The entire organization would like to say a very special thank you to the following people: 


Mr. Raymond Kinder, Superintendent

Mr. Stephen Toth, Assistant Superintendent

Mrs. Ruthann Gardiner, Director of Special Education

Mr. James Betz, Director of Special Education

Mr. Thomas McCabe, High School Principal

Ms. Tara Orefice, Assistant High School Principal

Mr. Christopher Czapla, Middle School Principal

Mrs. Laura Shook, Elementary Principal

Mr. Frank D'Agostino, Assistant Elementary Principal

TASD Board of Education


The parents and teachers of all of our students for their cooperation, patience, and understanding of the huge time commitment necessary for the success of the production.


The TASD Custodial Staff


Leona Rega for volunteering your time to help paint the set and for volunteering to drive and chaperone on our publicity photo trip to NYC.


All of the parents who donated their time to help fit, alter, and iron the costumes. I would like to say a special thank you to Charlotte Yorgey, Susanne Hegedus, Holly Koscak, and my mom, Lauri Miller, who assisted me in costuming this large cast.


Leona Rega and the Tamaqua Area Community Arts Center for hosting our post-show event.


Holly Koscak for organizing the lobby and concession stand, and all parents who donated to the concession stand and volunteered their time in the lobby.


Melanie Turrano, Holly Koscak, Vanessa Gerhard, and Marilyn Titus for your various costume donations.


Colleen Barrett, Rosemarie Noftz, Charlotte Yorgey, Susanne Hegedus, and Johanna Ulicny for assisting with the various ticket sales. 


Bonnie Seifert for taking pictures at dress rehearsal.


Wendy Lobichusky of Wendi's Flowers in Mahanoy City.


Mrs. Jen Curcio and her classes for contributing to the concession stand.


Cloud Services for your generous donation towards the playbills.


Steve Sturgis for your Coca Cola donation.


Jen Lavine for sharing your artistic abilities to help paint various things for this



Joe Koscak for making Crutchie's crutch.


The Tamagini family for your candy donation.


Mrs. Laura Shook for allowing us to promote the show at the elementary schools.


Everyone who purchased tickets to this show and supported our various fundraisers throughout the years. We couldn't do this without your support.

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