Newsies - March 19 - March 21, 2020

Tamaqua Area High School

 Director's Notes 

To say that this year has been a big year for our club would be an understatement. I cannot even begin to express how very proud I am of everyone in this organization who worked so hard to pull off both of this year's extraordinary musicals. This past year, our students put in more rehearsal time than ever before, as we extended our rehearsal period to include the summer months. As a result, we were able to perform our most successful show to date this past fall, Les Misérables. Due to the tremendous success of that production, our club grew significantly in December. We went from a fall cast of 69 performers to 83 performers in our current production. Our stage crew grew as well. We are so thrilled so see increasing interest in our drama club. Our future is very bright.


I want to give special thanks to my fabulous team. None of this would be possible without each of your efforts and expertise. Thank you to the drama club booster president, Holly Koscak. You take care of so much and manage to come to the rescue each and every time I call on you for something. Your lobby always looks amazing, and you are such a blessing to this club. Thank you to my choreographers, Erika Cassell and Colleen Barrett; you have spent countless hours perfecting this dance-heavy show, and I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate that. I also want to thank Colleen for everything you did as the marketing director--your tireless work on fundraisers, ads, ticket sales, and promotional events is so important to us being able to put on these productions. Thank you to Deb Sweeney, our vocal director; this year featured so many large ensemble numbers, and you had them sounding great. Thank you to our special vocal instructors, Tammy Wapinsky and George Hegedus IV; the students have loved having you as part of our team and look forward to continued work with you in the future. Thank you to Greg Semanco, our sound technician, especially for agreeing to set us up earlier each production. Finally, thank you to our stage manager and set designer, Ruth Gardiner. Each show, your set gets better and better, and I don't think it could possibly be improved, and then you go and outdo yourself again. This particular set is amazing--I feel like we truly have a small city on our stage. Thanks for the long hours you put in building it all and for always accommodating my crazy requests. 


Thank you to all family, friends, faculty, staff, administrators, students, and community members who come to our shows and support our organization throughout the year. Without your support, these shows would not be possible. We are so very grateful for your continued encouragement, kind words, and attendance at our shows. 


Finally, to my seniors--Emma, Amber, Jaci, Brooke, Alana, Rebekah, Megan, Brynn, Bella, Emmeline, Maddie, Ethan, Sarah, Lottie, Jocelyn, Amelia, Zach, Kipp, & Nathaniel--thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and contributions to this club throughout the years. You have worked so incredibly hard to make each performance better than the last, and in the process, you have inspired so many younger students to join us. You have each left a positive impact on this organization, and I will forever be grateful to each and every one of you for your efforts and love for the TADC. You will each be missed more than you can ever know; but, we all hope you know that you will always be a part of this family. We wish you nothing but luck, happiness, and success in your future. You will do wonderful things, and we will be cheering you on.


With immense respect and gratitute, thank you.


Mrs. Drum



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