Sweeney Todd School Edition - March 21 - March 23, 2024

Tamaqua Area High School

 Who's Who 

  • Denny Krell head shot

    Denny Krell

    as Sweeney Todd

    Junior/Vice President-- Stage Experience: TADC- Tarzan (Tarzan), The Theory of Relativity (Ryan), A Tale of Two Cities (Sydney Carton), Bonnie & Clyde (Clyde Barrow), Bright Star (Jimmy Ray Dobbs), The SpongeBob Musical (Sheldon J. Plankton), Hands on a Hardbody (Greg Wilhote),  Newsies (Romeo), Les Miserables  (Gavroche), Big Fish (Young Will Bloom), The Sound of Music (Kurt von Trapp), Mary Poppins (Michael Banks)-- Activities: Jazz Chorale/Concert Choir, County Chorus, Musical Theatre Acting Intensive at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee

  • Cecilia Ulicny head shot

    Cecilia Ulicny

    as Mrs. Nellie Lovett

    Sophomore- Stage Experience: TADC- Tarzan (Jane Porter), The Theory of Relativity (Julie), A Tale of Two Cities (Ensemble), Bonnie & Clyde (Trish), Bright Star (Edna), The SpongeBob Musical (Ensemble), Lucky Stiff (Dominique du Monaco), Newsies (Bowery Beauty/Newsie/Ensemble), Les Miserables (Ensemble), CST- The Secret Garden (Mrs. Shelley)-- Activities: Marching & Concert Bands, Church Choir, Piano & Voice Lessons, Jazz Chorale/Concert Choir, Schuylkill County Chorus

  • Timmy Berg head shot

    Timmy Berg

    as Anthony Hope

    Senior/President-- Stage Experience: Tarzan (Terk), The Theory of Relativity (Paul), A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Darnay), Bonnie & Clyde (Ted Hinton), Bright Star (Daddy Cane), The SpongeBob Musical (Perch Perkins), Hands on a Hardbody (Ronald McCowen),  Newsies (Buttons), Les Miserables (Lesgles), Big Fish (Ensemble), The Sound of Music (Ensemble)-- Activities: Jazz Chorale/Concert Choir, Schuylkill County Chorus, District Chorus-- Future Plans: To attend College of Charleston and study Business Administration while being enrolled in the Army ROTC Program at the Citadel--Fav. Memory: When Loki had to carry me across the stage in ATOTC and he tripped and dropped me during the last show--Senior message: It takes time to achieve the goals you have. If you work hard, learn from your experiences, and stay driven, success is imminent. 

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