Sweeney Todd School Edition - March 21 - March 23, 2024

Tamaqua Area High School


1963 The Perfect Idiot (J. Paola, SCP), The Valiant (DCP)                                   

1964 Paint the Town Pink (J. Paola, SCP), The Trial of Ain't (DCP)

1965 Take Her She's Mine (J. Paola, SCP)

1966 The Family Nobody Wanted (J. Paola, SCP)

1967 The Pirates of PenzanceThe Mouse that Roared (DCP)

1968 Tom Jones (J. Fawcett, SCP)

1969 The Education of Hyman Kaplan (J. Fawcett, SCP)

1970 Up the Down Staircase (J. Fawcett, SCP)

1971 Rally 'Round the Boys (J. Fawcett, SCP)                                                 

1973 The Stuck Pot (SCP), Man of La Mancha (G. Miller)                          

1975 MASH (J. Fawcett, SCP)

1976 Room 222 (N. Jewell, SCP)

1977 Pick-A-Dilly (SCP)

1978 Our Town (D. Laughman, SCP)

1979 Barefoot in the Park (D. Laughman, SCP)

1980 Snow White & The Littlest Angel

1981 Up the Down Staircase (D. Laughman, SCP)

1982 Bye Bye Birdie (Scheel, DCM)

1983 Done to Death (D. Laughman, SCP), My Fair Lady (D. Laughman, DCM)

1984 Carnival (D. Laughman, DCM)

1985 Carousel (D. Laughman, DCM)

1986 Rainmaker (D. Laughman, SCP), South Pacific (D. Laughman, DCM)

1987 Rehearsal for Murder (D. Laughman, SCP), The Pajama Game (D. Laughman, DCM)

1988 Fiddler on the Roof (D. Laughman, DCM)

1989 Cocktails With Mimi (J. Hoppes, SCP)                                                       

1990 Johnny Kissed Me (L. Keifer, SCP), Little Shop of Horrors (DCM)                 

1991 Makin It (D. Laughman, SCP), You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (D. Laughman, DCM)

1993 Grease (H. Gruver, DCM)

1994 Once Upon A Mattress (P. Huesgen, DCM)                                                 

1996 Bye Bye Birdie (P. Huesgen, DCM)

1997 Brigadoon (P. Huesgen, DCM)

1998 Annie (P. Huesgen, DCM)

1999 Grease (P. Huesgen, DCM)

2000 Anything Goes (P. Huesgen, DCM)

2001 Once Upon A Mattress (P. Huesgen, DCM)                                                 

2003 Bye Bye Birdie (J. Yuskauskas, DCM)

2004 Into the Woods (J. Yuskauskas, DCM)

2005 Seussical (J. Yuskauskas, DCM)

2006 The Sound of Music (J. Yuskauskas, DCM)

2007 Damn Yankees (J. Yuskauskas, DCM)

2008 Anything Goes (L. Fala Brennan, DCM)

2009 Oklahoma (J. Sager, DCM)

2010 Willy Wonka (J. Rogers, DCM)

2011 Cinderella (J. Smolden, DCM)

2012 Bye Bye Birdie (J. Smolden, DCM), 

2013 Pippin (D. Laughman, DCM), Bee My Baby (A. Drum, DCP)

2014 Honk! (A Drum, DCM), The Crucible (A. Drum, DCP)

2015 All Shook Up (A. Drum, DCM), Daughters of Atreus (A. Drum, DCP)

2016 Seussical (A. Drum, DCM), Pride and Prejudice (A. Drum, DCM)

2017 Dracula (A. Drum, DCM), Radium Girls (A. Drum, DCP)

2018 Mary Poppins (A. Drum, DCM), The Sound of Music (A. Drum, DCM)

2019 Big Fish (A. Drum, DCM), Les Misérables School Edition (A. Drum, DCM)

2020 Newsies (A. Drum, DCM), Almost, Maine (A.Drum, SP in conjunction with Center Stage Theatre)

2021 Hands on a Hardbody (A. Drum, DCM), Lucky Stiff (A. Drum, DCM), The SpongeBob Musical (A. Drum, DCM)

2022 Bright Star (A. Drum, DCM), Bonnie & Clyde (A. Drum, DCM)

2023 A Tale of Two Cities (A. Drum, DCM), The Theory of Relativity (A. Drum, DCM), Tarzan (A. Drum, DCM)

2024 Sweeney Todd School Edition (A. Drum, DCM)


**SCP= Senior class play, DCP= Drama club play, DCM= Drama club musical

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