Songs For A New World - August 05 - August 15, 2021

Teatro San Diego

 Director & Scenic Designer Notes 

In the summer of 2020, the world changed forever. Protests happened around the world in need of change for how black lives were viewed after the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks and unfortunately many more. Because of that, the world came together to force change and show respect and love of those we lost. When asked what show should be Teatro San Diego’s inaugural production, I immediately threw “Songs For A New World” into the mix because of the fact that these songs express so much and can be shaped into this topic of social injustice. 


This gorgeous collection of songs is written in a way that can be directed with any overlying theme. When doing research on the show, I came across an interview with the composer Jason Robert Brown and he stated that the initial theme of the show was “a moment of decision”. In each song, there is some sort of choice that has to be made whether it’s accepting the long journey that is ahead of us, choosing a right path of what to do, or something as simple as deciding that it’s time for you to stop talking and just listen for once. By molding this piece into a call for attention on Feminism, White Privilege, Racial Justice, & Gender Equality/Sexuality, it just goes to show how much work truly needs to be done. I hope this very special production of “Songs For A New World” really is a collection of songs for a new world in the future and will impact your life as it has mine for all these years listening to it. I’ve spent many days and nights DREAMING of being a part of the show in some capacity. Truly, this specific concept has been a 4 YEAR journey for me. We strive for a new world where Black Lives Matter, AAPI Hate is no more, All Trans Lives Matter, white privilege is checked, women should be allowed to make choices for their own bodies and BIPOC artists should get just the same amount of opportunities as white artists. We here at Teatro San Diego are here to “Define All-American”.


Thank you all for making one of my dream shows come true at a crucial time in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Kevin "Blax" Burroughs (Director & Lighting Designer)



All images within this design were gathered works from across the United States during the year 2020. As we look back, 2020 inspired many artists to create work that encapsulated and expressed a year that could only be described in images. While many of the events were tragic and heartbreaking, what surfaced was beautiful artistic expressions that brought people and communities together. This design for Songs For a New World honors those artists, known and unknown, who were daring enough to showcase their thoughts and feelings. Although this show tackles many issues that the U.S. faces today, one of those issues is supporting artists, like the ones you see onstage who are unapologetic in sharing their gifts in order to make an impact on this world.
-Washington D.C. 'Black Lives Matter' painters and Mayor Muriel Bowser
-‘I am not a virus’ artist Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom
-'George Floyd' mural artists Hiero Viega
-'Breonna Taylor' artist Shrine Damra
-'Black Lives Matter’ faces illustration by Sacrée Frangine
-‘I Can’t Breathe’ artist EME Freethinker
-'Leasing Office’ artists San Diego Graffiti Arts
-SR music graffiti art by Pasadena Graffiti artists associated with San Diego Graffiti Arts
-SL ’No Justice No Peace’ by the Creative friends of the Alyssum Montessori School and the Wunderkammer Company in Indiana
-All unknown artists that contributed to the creation of this mural
Reiko Huffman (Scenic Designer)

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