Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - November 08 - November 10, 2018

Terryville High School Drama Club


Cast Members  
Erin Thompson  
White Rabbit  
Logan Morneault  
Mouse, Dormouse  
Olivia "Liv" Jachimski  
Mock Turtle, March Hare, Knight  
Hailey "Olli" Stamm  
Lory, Knave of Hearts  
Hunter Morneault  
Dodo, Lily  
Rebecca Clark  
Red Queen, Sister  
Haylei Hofeditz  
Soldier One, Cook  
Jayme Lopez  
Soldier Two, Footman  
Jonah Lopez  
Queen of Hearts  
Jade Ockenfels  
Madison Lumbard  
Frog Footman, Humpty Dumpty  
Tyler Violette  
Duchess, Rose  
Karrie LeDuc  
Cheshire Cat  
Mikal White  
Tierney Simo-Kinzer  
Brenna Simo-Kinzer  
Mad Hatter  
Azayda "Zay" Lynt  
White Queen  
Isabel Mur  
King of Hearts  
Cyrus Baraby  
Part of the Jury  
Kayla Ireland  
Part of the Jury  
Ella Lumbard  
Charlotte Greene  

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