Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Jr. - December 03 - December 05, 2021

The Barnstormers Theater

 Director's Note 

Dear friends, family, and patrons of the Barnstormers Theatre,


It is my greatest honor to be writing my first director’s note ever. I feel so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by 32 amazing, kind, and joyful cast members. Singing and dancing to Christmas classics like Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Holly Jolly Christmas, and We Are Santa’s Elves since the beginning of October would not have been nearly as enjoyable if I was not working with this group of kids. As I write this note, I cannot help but beam with pride for the immensely talented and resilient cast members in this show ranging from six to thirteen years old. They have shown such dedication, flexibility, and perseverance throughout this production as we overcame any hurdle that came our way.


Lucky and grateful are the two feelings that come to mind when I think about this production. Family is incredibly important in my life and I have the opportunity to direct a show that my little sisters are able to be a part of. I feel so fortunate to be able to witness them grow up and to take an active role in being a part of it. I am grateful that Trevor Jones and I met doing theater as children together and are able to give back to our community through directing local children’s theater as adults. I am grateful that he is balances me out in just about every way and reminds me to be present and take in each and every moment of this experience.


I am beyond thankful to so many people for their help in bringing this show to life. I could not have gotten here without the help of Jeff DiSabatino, President of Barnstormers Theater and the gracious opportunity he has given me to do this show. I am thankful for his patience as I sent him constant messages about costumes, props, and set every day, morning, noon, and night for the last couple of months. I am grateful for my mother who takes my stressed phone calls, loves me any way, and who has continued to support my love of music for all these years. I am thankful to Jen Bernaski, Liz Klose, and all of the wonderful parents who volunteered or donate props and set items. I am thankful to Paul Coleman for building our gorgeous sleigh. I am thankful Anna Morris and Gabriele Impriano who choreographed songs in our show that I simply do not have the dancing talent to come up with! I am thankful to the cast and crew for making this production as magical and adorable as it is. Lastly, I am thankful for all of you who have come to support local, community theater. These kids are lucky to have such supportive people in their lives and we are happy to keep bringing theater to Ridley Park! Continue to support local theater as long as you can.


Have a wonderful and joyous holiday season!


With so much Love, 

Kyleigh Bleacher

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