Lysistrata Jones - May 12 - May 14, 2016

The Beacon School


Ms. Lacey, Mr. Streep, Ms. Oldre, Robert & the rest of the Beacon Staff for trusting us to make great work without censorship.


Lori Fineman and The Transport Group - for bringing Lysistrata Jones to NYC and supporting our production since it was just an idea kicking around the old drama studio. 


Original cast members, Patti Murin, Josh Segarra, Jason Tam, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Alex Wyse, Alex Aguilar, Katie Boren and Teddy Toye who so generously spent some time with us supporting our production. Like. Wow. Oh my god. We’re the luckiest.


Ben Thompson for being awesome, offering so much sage advice and encouragement, and for many living room choreography dates with Kat. Speaking of which…


Kat Nejat. Like. Um. You’re real. We’re claiming you. So much heart. So much fun. So much YOU.


Erdene Greene, Frank Willow-Rogers, & Danny Markovic for administrative support, help with printing, marketing, computers, paper, space, moral support and big love. 

Chun Hom for helping install the "Stan Cams" so that the actors could see the conductor - just like on "the Broadway".

Building Maintenance and Security for putting up with late rehearsals and cheering us on!

Brian Letiecq for sharing gear, personnel and love.

Simmons and Sarci for letting us borrow basketballs and racks from across the hall!

Streep (and his office crew) for letting us borrow the "Frat Couch" and accepting our temporary but super weird Victorian replacement.  


All of the parents, friends and families who rocked our Amazon Wish List and purchased tools and materials and SNACKS for our semester. 


Francesca Woodbridge, Sophia Pinney and many members of the cast and crew who donated their own clothing, or purchased unnecessarily expensive uniform pieces so that Athens U could be colorful and wonderful - and not clash with the purple curtains. 

Gemma Soranson who hand made so many costume pieces at odd hours around community service and all her other commitments. 


Chelsea Flores for being awesome and for teaching many a class so that Cimato could sew or tend to some other technical shenanigans. 


Lilli Wosk & the B'DAT Show Choir for their love and Andrzej Zabicki and the Freshman Project for stocking bake sales with epic yumminess and helping us raise duckets for costumes and supplies. 


Beacon Theatre Studio Classes and David's Tech Theatre Classes for building, design, painting, etc - and always being the first butts in seats! 

 The 12 Angry Persons and The Beacon Dance Company for collaborating in real time.


Will Nunberg, Jason Ramirez, Noah Veliz, Nora Wesson, Cameron Neiblum, Allegra Secor and countless other B'DAT peeps who couldn't be here for the show, but helped out in so many ways. 


Beyonce's Grandma for makin' Lemonade 


The Beacon Parents Association for generously supporting our Teaching Artists and making our program possible. 

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