Lysistrata Jones - May 12 - May 14, 2016

The Beacon School


Production Staff/Crew  
Stage Director and Designer  
Jo Ann Cimato  
Technical Director  
David Brune  
Music Director  
Stanley Krifka  
Kat Nejat-Thompson  
Master Electrician  
Keithlyn Parkman  
Sound Design  
Bill Grady  
Assistant Director/Dramaturg  
Addy Brennan  
Assistant Technical Director  
Elena Garcia-Verdugo  
Assistant Music Director  
Kenneth An  
Dance Captain  
Taliyah Holder  
Production Stage Manager  
Natalie Muñoz  
Stage Manager  
Rosie Vasen  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Clara Napolitano  
Scenic Design Coordinator  
Lucy Royte  
Scenic Design Assistant  
Sasha Grand  
Sound Mixer  
Josef Marley  
Properties Coordinator  
Rachel Silver  
Properties Staff  
Dawson Holliman  
Make Up Manager  
Shoshana Bressman  
Lighting Coordinator  
Jolien Louis  
Lighting Staff  
Natalie Russianoff  
Lighting Staff  
Elijah Clarke  
Lighting Staff  
Nyeighsha Lord  
Lighting Staff  
Syed Hassan  
Lighting Staff  
Mason Landis  
Costume Coordinator  
Sophia Pinney  
Costume Staff  
Gemma Sorenson  
Costume Staff  
Leela Actis  
Costume Staff  
Francesca Woodbridge  
Costume Staff  
Francesca Morris-Perez  
Marketing Manager  
Boo! Elliott  

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