Carrie the Musical - March 30 - April 01, 2017

The Beacon School


Ms. Lacey, Mr. Stroud, Mr. Mitchell & the rest of the Beacon Staff for trusting us to make great work without censorship.


Original cast members, Molly Ranson, Christy Altomare, Derek Klena, F. Michael Haynie and Jeanna de Waal who so generously spent some time with us supporting our production. So cool. 


Ben Thompson & Kat Nejat for existing. For being #relationshipgoals always and for leading the way.


Erdene Greene, Frank Willow-Rogers, & Danny Markovic for administrative support, help with printing, marketing, computers, paper, space, moral support and big love. 


Chun Hom for helping with projectors and monitors.


Kate Reed for the camera, and patience. 


Mike Shum for loaning his captians to our run crew. 


Giles Davis for the drum kit and the delivery.


Vince Peterson and Choral Chameleon for the choir robes.


Building Maintenance and Security for putting up with late rehearsals and cheering us on!


Brian, Marc and the Music Department for sharing gear, personnel and love.


Kim Elliott for supporting our company, sharing her space and always knowing exactly what to say. <3


Simmons and Sarci for letting us us the shower. Um. Bloody.


Jean Claude Chauveau for helping with our sound system upgrade.


All of the parents, friends and families who rocked our Amazon Wish List and purchased tools and materials and SNACKS for our semester. 


Beacon Theatre Studio Classes and David's Tech Theatre Classes for building, design, painting, etc - and always being the first butts in seats! 


The Beacon Parents Association for generously supporting our Teaching Artists and making the Beacon Theatre Department possible. Especially Judith O'Driscoll who came in extra early on a Monday to make sure our sound equipment could be delivered safely and on time to start load in.


We are so grateful to everyone who went above and beyond to make this production possible. 

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