Hair - May 02 - May 04, 2019

The Beacon School


Ms. Lacey, Nigel, Mr. Mitchell and the Beacon Staff for trusting us to make great work without censorship.


Erdene Greene, Frank Willow-Rogers, Chun Hom, and Esther Gross for administrative support, help with printing, computers, paper etc.


The fabulous sixth floor maintenance crew for helping take care of our spaces.


Chris Mott, Karen Cooper and our 6th Floor teacher buddies, for being our flatmates and cheerleaders.


Sargent Thomas and Building Security for keeping us safe.


Kelly Savage for Hud’s Lion Belt. Come on, it’s awesome.


Leah and The Director's Project who donated so much gear we cannot even estimate the value of the new lighting and scenic elements we now own.


Nancy at the Upright Citizens Brigade who donated microphones and an entire costume and properties collection – much of which you see in Rebecca Gross’s beautiful scenic design.


Beacon Theatre Studio Classes for helping pinch-hit in the end and always being the first butts in seats! 


Our friends in BSU for doing such great work for our community and for peeping the show early and supporting this project. 


Our friends at Five Ohm sound for helping secure our new gear – that we DON’T have to GIVE BACK! WHOO HOO!


B’DAT Alum who traveled to be here. Especially those who were in the first Beacon Company of HAIR. We hope to make you proud.


Student teacher and B’DAT Alumn, Hayley Wright for nurturing our Freshman and for prepping the Infographic Installation with so much empathy and care.


Teaching Artist and alumn Keithlyn Parkman for integrating so many new toys into our lighting collection. 


Marla Louissaint, who keeps it real, holds nothing back and gives back as selflessly as a teacher as she did getting her start as an artist back on the old Beacon stage.


Krista Jansen, who marks her 10th B’DAT production with HAIR, who’s choreography challenges our muscles and our hearts and minds with empathy and grace.


Keiji Ishiguri, who really out did himself yet again, with the incredible music coming out of these faces and THIS BAND! Oh My Word! Did you see Mr. VanPelt rockin’ it out up there!?? And Beacon Alumna Emma Huibregtse on the horn??

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