Hair - May 02 - May 04, 2019

The Beacon School

 Who's Who 

  • Uma Rao-Labreque head shot

    Uma Rao-Labreque

    as Aquarius Soloist

    junior, is so excited to be performing for the first time in a B'DAT production! Uma sings in the Beacon Choir, has worked on the sound team for Amélie and Into the Woods, and is and Advanced Theatre Arts studio student. Uma's patronus is a dun stallion.

  • Weston Delehanty head shot

    Weston Delehanty

    as Berger

    junior, previously appeared in include Peter & The Starcatcher and Amélie. He has never missed an opportunity to sing with the Beacon Choir, and is currently enrolled in the Advanced Theatre Arts studio. His patronus is a white mare because of their reputation of being warriors on the side of good in folklore.

  • Greg Austin head shot

    Greg Austin

    as Woof

    junior, loves everything about the arts and honored to be in his third production. Previously B’DAT credits: Hippolito in Amélie and Benvolio in Romeo + Juliet. Currently Greg is enrolled in the Advanced Theatre Arts studio and is a member of the Beacon Choir. Greg's patronus is the “unusual Brown Owl.” Looking forward to continue making more magic in the theatre!

  • Eli Crenshaw-Smith head shot

    Eli Crenshaw-Smith

    as Hud

    junior, and is excited to be returning to the stage for his BDAT debut! Eli has been a featured singing in various Beacon Music bands since freshman year. He is currently a Theater Arts studio student, and although he doesn't really know what this means, his patronus is a King Cobra.

  • Cole Canzano head shot

    Cole Canzano

    as Claude

    senior, previous Beacon credits include acting David in If/Then, Dufayel in Amelie, and Tybalt in Romeo and Julliet. Cole also captained costumes for Into The Woods. Currently an Honors Theatre student, Cole has been in Theater Arts 1, Theater Production, and Advanced Theater Arts. His patronus is either a tiger or a calico cat, Pottermore can't decide.

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