THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH - July 11 - July 14, 2019

The Fleming Island Theater Incorporated


Cast Members  
Jonathan Okey  
Christian Humbert  
Chloe LaBrie  
Amelia Munley  
Lethargian 1  
Melannie Adams  
Lethargian 2  
Joylynn Adams  
Lethargarian 3  
Ashley Smith  
Olivia Williams  
The Humbug  
Phaedra Smith  
The Whether Man  
Mason Smith  
Azaz The Unabridged  
Chris Lewis  
The Mathemagician  
Brandon Sullivan  
Princess Sweet Rhyme  
Anna Hambleton  
Princess Pure Reason  
Natalie Hambleton  
Gatekeeper of Dictionopolis  
Bethany Kiep  
Word Merchant  
Keightlin Goodson  
Spelling Bee  
Brighton Brown  
The Duke of Definition  
Erika Hicks  
The Minister of Meaning  
Natalie Lucas  
The Earl of Essence  
Samantha Lewis  
The Count of Connotation  
Tristian Smith  
The Undersecretary of Understanding  
Erica Humbert  
A Page  
Elysse Floyd  
Kakafonous A. Dischord  
Larissa Ashton  
The Awful Dynne  
Analise Stuart  
The Dodecahedron  
Elizabeth Stitt  
Senses Taker  
Alina Goudie  
The Voice  
Joe Munley  
Word Merchant  
Amelia Clearman  

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