THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH - July 11 - July 14, 2019

The Fleming Island Theater Incorporated

 End Notes 

Welcome to The Phantom Tollbooth!


This show has been such a great joy to produce and direct.  Not only do we have the most positive and energetic cast but I have been able to work on it with my good friend, Mac McDonald.  I have, also, had the pleasure of working with a new face to our theater - Erica Fox - our fantastic stage manager.


This play is based on the classic novel of the same name.  So many of our cast - young and old - have read this book and we hope if you haven't that this show will inspire you to pick up the novel.  As Milo journey's through his mind, we see the power of the creativity in each of us and are reminded how important imagination is in a day and age where the digital products have replaced much of what we once created for ourselves.  The ensemble cast has come together to create a great production that will entertain and thrill every member of your family!  Enjoy the show!


Tricia Williams

Director -  The Phantom Tollbooth



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