I Will Wait - May 09 - May 11, 2019

The Veteran's Spouse Project

 Director's note 

Beneath the humble shrugs and the quiet smiles and the ‘he’s the real hero’, we are all cracking from the inside out. No one tells you that when you are shining your American flag pin and making “Welcome Home’ banners… But we are all terrified in our own ways.  Spouse 5, Final Scene



     When Amy Upgraft and I first came up with the concept of a play about the spouses and families of veterans and active soldiers, my motivation was somewhat selfish. My long-time colleague Amy-- - my co-creator and co-writer- -- is someone who I admire a great deal. Not just for her talent, intelligence and heart, but for her commitment. As we began to fully realize our vision for I Will Wait, a sense of responsibility grew within me as a theatre practitioner. My dear friend is only one of thousands whose life has revolved around service to their country through their relation to a veteran or active soldier.


     Although we co-wrote the script, I look to Amy’s exclusive writing in the final scene, quoted above. There is a brother and sisterhood of spouses and families that spans decades. Their shared pride, joy, fears and heartbreak humbles me as a civilian. More importantly, as a director, I am inspired to help create a piece of art that pays honor to anyone who has served their country, whether through official oath, or as a support system to military personnel. Giving a voice to the largely unheard has been some of the most important work I have done in my career. It is entirely my privilege.


     The primary, key element of our production is you. Our audience. Your attendance is paramount to the mission of the project. I speak for Amy, cast, musicians, production staff and funders as we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Your support promises that the voices will continue to be heard.


Gregory Stieber


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