Macbeth - October 23 - October 30, 2020

The Witches' Macbeth

 End Notes 

Director Ed Eaton shares this poem:


“The poem, the song, the picture

Is only water
Drawn from the well of the people
And it should be given back to them in a cup of beauty
So that they may drink
And in drinking
Understand themselves.”
- Federico Garcia Lorca 
Producers' Note:
In an effort to add some magic during this spooky month, connect with others through art, and share a relevant story that questions our virtues and vices as well exploring trust within our communities and leaders, this enchanting production of Macbeth has come to life.


As we all know, this time has been incredibly rough for students. We decided to work in collaboration with the drama department at Norte Vista High School in Riverside, California, hosting weekly workshops and casting the wonderful Lesley, a student at Norte Vista, in the production. 




Our desire to experience stories, and to learn and grow from the exploration of humanity through theatre will never cease. During these unprecedented times, art has become an oasis that reconnects us with each other. I dream of the day where our eyes will meet again, between lights and wooden floors, betweeen curtains and magical doors, but for now let's let these devices compress the distance between us; lights off, candles on. I hope you enjoy! - Isabella





Friendly reminder that all proceeds from the "donate" button on our ticketing website go to the expenses of the production and then directly to the cast and crew!



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