Macbeth - October 23 - October 30, 2020

The Witches' Macbeth

 Theatres/Organizations to Support 


Its been seven months since the official closing of theatres and multiple arts organizations across the world. Our love goes to all these institutions and communities that throughout the years have offered humanity love, solace, inspiration, change, and more. 



We encourage our audience to support them now through donations, following on social platforms, and in the future attending to their magnificent programs. This is just a list of some of the many we admire:







  • Norte Vista High School Drama Department (Riverside, CA)
  • Stella Adler Studio of Acting (NYC, LA)
  • Museo del Caribe (Barranquilla)
  • iD Studio Theatre (NYC)
  • Reperotio Español (NYC)
  • Casa Ensamble (Bogota)
  • Smith Street Stage (NYC)
  • Theatre East (NYC)
  • Teatro Experimental de Cali Enirque Buenaventura (Cali, COL)
  • Little & Fierce Theatre Company (NYC)
  • The Lost Halloween (NYC Immersive Theatre) 
  • Averno (
  • viBE Theater Experience (NYC)
  • The Royal Social Distancing Company (NYC)
  • 10C Theatre Company (NYC)
  • The Okra Project (NYC)



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