This Way To Broadway - May 13

This Way To Broadway





would like to thank the many people

who worked to make our first concert a reality.


An undertaking like this doesn't happen without the help of many.

Here are some of the folks we'd like to thank. 

 Rick Hip-flores for his tireless work as our musical director.


Carter Sayle of Stage Door Designs for our beautiful website.


Andi Serocke for working her photoshop magic. 


Lisa Iacono for helping with our photography.


Joe Ralko for providing Video Services.


John Valesio our audio engineer.


Gil Catalano Sound & Lighting.


Becca Retter for assisting TWTB at every twist and turn.


Sarah Battaglia, Michaela Bryce & Natalie Ralko, our production assistants.


Brandon Jarrett & Darryl Retter for providing Visions Of Hope.


The fabulous NY vocal coaches for preparing the future of Broadway...

 Joe Baker, Amelia DeMayo, Trapper Felides, Badiene Magaziner and Bob Marks. 


Roy Arias Theatre Center for providing an excellent theatre experience.




 Special Thanks To Some Pretty Awesome People

for their VERY Awesome contributions to our event!

House Seats 

The Dreier Family

Peter & Marietta French

Mike Gallagher

Orchestra Seats

Cherri Scoville

Box Seats

Ernst Maakreel

Ron Russo


 And last (but certainly not least) ...


To the parents and families of our performers. 

We are grateful for your time

and recognize the sacrifices you

make in support of your children and their dreams.

 This one's for you! 


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