This Way To Broadway - May 13

This Way To Broadway

 End Notes 

A note from the Director


It has been an absolute joy to work with such a gifted group of young people and their wonderful families who wisely stay involved in every step of this process.  It is easy to forget that Broadway is a fulltime job and requires energy, perseverance and passion like no other.  The families I have had the honor to work with over the past several weeks have made it crystal clear that they are the foundation that supports their young talent and I must say how very impressive it is to witness.


Broadway is every bit as magical as you could imagine and events like This Way To Broadway are stepping-stones to making big time dreams of The Great White Way a reality.   I am delighted you made the effort to join us and I think we can all agree that TWTB was the place to be on May 11, 12 & 13, 2013.


It takes an army of dedicated individuals to put together a wonderful display like the one we have had tonight and lucky for me I had my friend and our stage manager Ellen Sauchelli leading the charge.  Ellen is full to the top with all of the qualities needed to obtain success and working with her has been an exercise that will set the “barre” for every event I produce in the future. 


Special thanks to Carter Sayle for his commitment to TWTB and for the outstanding website design.  Carter was instrumental in reaching out to many of your vocal coaches and as a direct result; you are here with us today!


Please stay tuned for upcoming events and fun, fun, fun, like our Show Biz Kids Connection taking place August 19-23.  Connecting the dots between Singing, Performing and Recording. Twenty kids will form four pop groups, write their own song, record their first single and have a full-blown performance at the end of the week!  If you think that sounds like fun, you are 100% correct so when the registration becomes available, be one of the first to secure your spot.


Tonight was a night to remember and the reason is because you were here. 

I thank you!


(((Big Smiles)))



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