Shrek The Musical - March 19 - March 21, 2020

Toms River High School North


Overture/Big Bright Beautiful World  
Mama Ogre, Papa Ogre, Shrek
Story Of My Life/ Goodbye Song  
Captain, Pinocchio, Fairytale Creatures
Don't Let Me Go  
Regiment #1  
Captain and Guards
What's Up, Duloc?  
Lord Farquaad, Duloc Dancers
I Know It's Today  
Young Fiona, Teen Fiona, Fiona
Travel Song  
Donkey, Shrek
Knights, Dragon, Donkey
This Is How A Dream Comes True  
Fiona, Shrek, Donkey, Dragon
Who I'd Be  
Shrek, Fiona, Donkey
Morning Person  
Fiona, Bluebird, Rat Dancers
I Think I Got You Beat  
Shrek, Fiona
The Ballad of Farquaad  
Lord Farquaad, Thelonius, Guards
Make A Move  
Donkey, Three Blind Mice
When Words Fail  
Morning Person (Reprise)  
Build A Wall  
Freak Flag  
Gingy, Pinocchio, Fairytale Creatures
Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise)  
Finale/ This Is Our Story  
Shrek, Fiona, Ensemble
I'm a Believer  
Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Dragon, Ensemble


Pit Orchestra

Keyboard 1/Conductor – George Powers
Keyboard 2 – Chris Burbank
Guitar – Zack Passman
Bass – Greg Warren
Drums – Jon Grill
Percussion – Colin Walsh and Alek Duriske
Reed 1 – Andrew Wierzbowski
Reed 2 – Jean Anne Gould
Flute – Kayla Speedy
French Horn – Brian Strohmetz
Trumpet – Laura Neville
Trombone – Hayden Lovenfosse and Rachel Grudus
Violin 1 – Mimi Pak
Violin 2 – Lauren Baliscao
Cello – Jax Dieugenio

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