Shrek The Musical - March 19 - March 21, 2020

Toms River High School North

 Who's Who 

  • Francis Joseph Davis IV head shot

    Francis Joseph Davis IV

    as Shrek/ Assistant Director

    Francis Joseph Davis IV (Shrek) is a senior in his final musical with the Nautical Stars Theatre Company. Credits include Bring It On (Cheerleader), Fall Xtreme Theatre 2017 (Emo Phantom), The Addams Family (Lurch), Xtreme Theatre 2018 (Brittany), Pippin (Player), Spring Xtreme Theatre 2019 (Director), and Fall Xtreme Theatre 2019 (Production Assistant). His plan for after high school is to fight for the right to PARTY. Well, it’s actually to go to college in-state and pursue a History or Political Science Major. He would also like to continue theatre because he enjoys it so much. He would like to thank his family and friends for all of the support he has received from over the years, the cast and crew kids who help make this show the best it can be, and his sister Brittany for being the reason why he is in the theatre company. “ I love you dog!” - Penn Jillette

  • Makayla Bird* head shot

    Makayla Bird*

    as Princess Fiona

    Makayla Bird is performing in her 3rd musical at TRN. Other than The Addams Family & Pippin, she's performed in Stronger Than the Storm 2017, Xtreme Theatre 2017, 2018, and 2019, and The Grinch 2018. She is also a Thespian in Troupe #7455. She also participates in chorus and theatre at Exit 82, where she has performed in FAME 2018 & Footloose 2019.

  • John Claude Yambao* head shot

    John Claude Yambao*

    as Donkey

    John Claude Yambao is a sophomore at North. He has performed in Pippin (Pippin) and the Thespian Troupe’s A Bad Case of The Stripes (TV News Anchor #1). He was awarded a Superior Medal in the NJ Thespian Festival 2019 for his Musical Solo and his Musical Duet with Bella Tucci. He is also a member of the Filipino organization FCDC and takes part in his Church’s Choir.

  • Thomas Vice* head shot

    Thomas Vice*

    as Lord Farquaad

    Thomas serves as Nautical Star Vice President. His credits include The Addams Family (Pugsley), The Grinch (Mr. Mayor), Pippin (Charles), and the 2020 All-State Show, Xanadu (Hermes). He also plays soccer, golf, and is a part of Skip The Straws. He thanks his friends and family for support and love. “I’ve had a chip on my shoulder so long, it’s stale”-OBJ

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