Little Women - January 15 - November 01, 2021

Totino-Grace HS

 Who's Who 

  • Madeline Gams (understudy) head shot

    Madeline Gams (understudy)

    as Aunt March

    Madeline Gams (Understudy to Aunt March) - is a sophomore and Little Women is her third show at Totino-Grace. Previously, she was in High School Musical as a thespian and Oz as Beth. When she’s not participating in theater, you might find her in the band room or with her nose in a book. She would like to thank the crew of Little Women for the amazing job they did in keeping the theater department going, and Lily and Amara for being the rock of the production. Last, she would like to thank the audience for supporting the play, and hopes you all enjoy the show.

  • Melissa Ulate head shot

    Melissa Ulate


    Melissa Ulate (Piccolo) - is a junior and Little Women is her first show at Totino Grace.  Besides being in the pit for this musical, she is also involved in Woodwind Choir, Source, Kathleen Murphy Scholars Program, and Yearbook. Outside of school, she is a competitive figure skater and enjoys spending time in nature, taking pictures, listening to music/podcasts, and watching movies. She would like to thank everyone who supports her and everyone involved with this show for making it such a great experience. Enjoy the show!

  • Abby Embacher head shot

    Abby Embacher


    Abby Embacher (Flute) - is a senior and Little Women is her second show at Totino-Grace. She previously played in the production Hello, Dolly! Besides being in the pit, she is involved in volleyball, track, and student ministry. She plays flute at St. Odilia’s on Sundays. She participates in band, woodwind choir, and mass musicians. In her free time, she can be found outside hiking or taking pictures of wildlife. Abby would like to thank Mrs. Haut and Mr. Hoffman for everything that they do. She would also thank her parents for their support.

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