Little Women - January 15 - November 01, 2021

Totino-Grace HS

 End Notes 

Little Women was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic in accordance with Minnesota Department of Health, Minnesota State High School League and Totino-Grace High School safety recommendations. In order to maintain the safety and health of the students and staff, this production was filmed over the course of five days and out of sequence, staged with participants 6-feet apart at all times, face masks were designed for each character in mind and worn at all times, the student band was pre-recorded individually before filming took place, proper ventilation was established during filming, and all surfaces were disinfected and cleaned each night.




Special Thanks to:


Dr. Craig Junker, Andrew Blake, Andrew Million, Camille Branham, Tim Pastoors, St. Odilia musical department, Merrill Arts Center, Gregg Sawyer and Academy of Holy Angels theater department, Bloomington Jefferson High School and the families of the cast, crew and pit.  


Little Women runs approximately 2 hours

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