Little Women - January 15 - November 01, 2021

Totino-Grace HS

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Amara Gerlach head shot

    Amara Gerlach

    Stage Manager / Deck Captain

    Amara Gerlach (Stage Manager, Deck Captain) - is a senior and Little Women is her fifth production at Totino-Grace. She was previously in run crew for Hello, Dolly! And was Stage Manager for Aladdin Jr, High School Musical, and Oz. When not in the theater, she participates in Company of Singers, Chamber Singers, and the Kathleen Murphy Scholars program. She enjoys watching movies, writing, reading, and hanging out with her friends. She would like to thank Kyia Britts, Lily Zemke, and the entire production team for their amazing work on this show. She hopes you enjoy the show and also hopes she doesn’t break any set pieces this year!

  • Lily Zemke head shot

    Lily Zemke

    Stage Manager / Light Board Operator

    Lily Zemke (Stage Manager, Lighting Designer, Light Board Operator) - is a senior and Little Women is her eighth show at TG (including the middle school shows). She has been a stage manager, assistant lighting designer, or tech lead for all of those shows, except Hello, Dolly! where she was the light board operator. She was also the voice of the Moderator for the Academic Decathlon in High School Musical. Lily participates on the robotics team, is in the Engineering Program, National Honors Society, LINK crew, and the Kathleen Murphy Scholars Program. She would like to thank her friends and family for being amazing and putting up with her when she’s stressed and cranky. She would especially like to thank Kyia and Renee for teaching her so much. Most importantly, she would like to thank Amara for being in her life and keeping her sane. Thanks for everything and enjoy the show!

  • Jake Busse head shot

    Jake Busse

    Sound Board Operator

    Jake Busse (Soundboard Operator) - is a junior at Totino-Grace and Little Women is his third production at TG. He was also the soundboard operator for the productions of High School Musical and Oz, as well as a mentorship production of Aladdin Jr. When not in theatre, Jake is the editor of the yearbook, and participates in robotics, speech, and trap shooting. He hopes you enjoy the show, because there are a lot of wonderful people that work really hard on this, and he is endlessly thankful to them.

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