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 End Notes 



We created art during a pandemic. Again.


Read that one more time.


While under less restrictive circumstances than the entirety of the last year, we are still going through a collective global trauma. In spite of that, myself and two stunning actors came together to craft something that means so much to us, and the journey isn't over. 


Some people are only able to get out of bed to make coffee or use the restroom when they need to. Some people may only sit themselves upright to read a book or scroll on their phone. The very simplest tasks now might seem as though they require an army's stamina to accomplish. But every day you wake up and choose to do anything is an absolute triumph. We should celebrate our small wins with our whole chest, just like we would our big wins. You never know when a small hooray will lead to a resounding victory. 


This workshop play is a collection of small and huge successes: coming to the space together every night for just under two weeks; our collective willingness to adapt in response to the unexpected; the way we maintained our joy for the creation of the art, and not the desire for a perfect product.


I could keep rattling on and on about how proud I am of this crew and the people that helped bring the walls of the castle up! But you're already about to listen to a play I helped bring together through a series of interviews, so how about I open the door for you and turn off the lights so you can enjoy?

Until next time,


David H. Parker


Special Thanks to:


Lee Shackleford • Dr. Jordan Kiper • Devin Ty Franklin • Carlton V Bell II • Ian Damont Martin • Lew Williams • Sharon Morgan • Shannon Thomason • David Page • UAB Department of Theatre


Link to the Virtual Performance:

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