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  • Briana Len├Ę (she/her) head shot

    Briana Lenè (she/her)

    as toné delarverie / figuress

    I am a Junior Theatre Performance major at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  You may have seen me as #13 in The Wolves by Sarah Delappe (UAB) and in Pattie and Josephine: Waiting in Alabama (Vulcan Park and Museum). I love becoming viral on TikTok (@brianalene) and vlogging on YouTube (Briana Scott).

    Visit my website:

    Thank you David for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Bailey Dumlao (he/they) head shot

    Bailey Dumlao (he/they)

    as cyrus / figure

    I am a Junior Theatre Performance major from Memphis, Tennessee. I would like to thank David for such careful and powerful treatment of these topics. The opportunity to dig into a character like Cyrus has been invaluable, and the workshop on this text has been very timely.

    Performance: HAIR (UAB), The Producers, Spring Awakening, Our Town

    Directing: The Way You Made Me (UAB), Scenes from Clarkston (UAB). 

    Stage Management: DISCONNECT (KCACTF ATD/SM Nominee), The Glass Menagerie (UAB), Scenes from Angels in America P. 2 (UAB), Scenes from Stop Kiss (UAB). 

  • David H. Parker (he/they) head shot

    David H. Parker (he/they)

    Theatre is the catalyst to change and healing; the process begins whenever you decide to join the fight. Thank you for offering your time and attention to our search for peace and joy.

    Arm yourself with knowledge:

    Stay up on the anti-transgender legislation cropping up throughout the United States:


    Follow my journey as I move across the country to LA for grad school to continue developing my craft as a creator:


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