The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee - May 06 - May 08, 2021

Utah Valley University

 Who's Who 

  • Dallin Suman head shot

    Dallin Suman

    as Chip Tolentino/Jesus

    Dallin Suman (Chip Tolentino) is so excited to be in this show after accomplishing close to nothing in high school. He’s still not accomplishing much, as you can tell because he’s a minor character in a local show about a spelling bee. His character is a flirt and wants to see you after the show but be assured, Dallin the actor does NOT want to see you after the show. Actually stay away. Dallin has kissed three people in this cast and the number rises every night. 

  • Eirik Affleck head shot

    Eirik Affleck

    as Douglas Panch

    Eirik Affleck (Douglas Panch) is a Junior in the BFA Acting program. Eirik is dyslexic (at a bee? come on) and is at his wits end.. He’d also like to say that anything he says on stage may or may not reflect his own personal views, and are the opinion of a stunted vice principal. Eirik was voted off his high school superlatives.

  • Elijah Wolford head shot

    Elijah Wolford

    as Leaf Coneybear/Carl Dad

    Elijah Wolford (Leaf Coneybear) is in his 12th year at UVU and his 500th show here! He graduated from Pleasant Grove High School in 2054 where he was voted as the “most likely to be using the bathroom right now.” 90% of the time he has a hard time finding his starting note, so you’re in luck. Eli is excited to be reviving his role as Leaf which shouldn’t be hard since he can’t act and can’t play any other role. He wants to thank his old neighbor Kent for helping push him to where he is today. Rest In Peace Kent.

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