Anything Goes (Beaumont 1987) - August 10 - August 11, 2018

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Cast Members  
Reno Sweeney  
Margaret Sweeney  
Hope Harcourt  
Elizabeth Cormier  
Evangeline Harcourt  
Alex White  
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh  
Ryan Cain  
Elisha Whitney  
Aymon Langlois  
Billy Crocker  
Ryan Norton  
Moonface Martin  
Wyatt Mittnight  
Isabel Molettieri  
Ryan Dieselman  
Ship’s Captain  
Joshua Lannon  
Ship’s Purser  
Owen Lannon  
Angel 1: Purity  
Alyssa Cole  
Angel 2: Chastity  
Jess O'Neil  
Angel 3: Charity  
Natalie Mendez  
Angel 4: Virtue  
Cordelia Talbot  
Frieda/ Reporter/ Passenger  
Cat Janos  
Henry T. Dobson/Sailor  
Andrew Sweeney  
Eileen Sweeney  
Old Woman in Chair/FBI/Passenger  
Emma Chasse  
FBI/ Passenger  
Lindsay Yatsuhashi  
Young Passenger  
Vivi Langlois  
Renee Haley  



Anything Goes Fun Fact: Initially, the musical was to be about a shipwreck, with some of the story taking place on the boat and the rest taking place on a deserted island. Just a few weeks before Anything Goes was set to open, the SS Morro Castle caught fire and 138 passengers lost their lives. It was decided that it would be in poor taste to move ahead with a story that might be insensitive, so a new script was quickly fashioned. Early titles for the show included Crazy Week and Hard to Get.


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