Anything Goes (Beaumont 1987) - August 10 - August 11, 2018

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Crew Members  
Producing Artistic Director  
Stephen MacDonald  
Mary Margaret Hogan  
Music Director  
Jonathan Plouffe  
Lindsey McGovern  
Stage Manager  
Dennis Ebert  
Costume Coordinator  
Carrie Wheaton  
1st Assistant Stage Manager  
Lauren Seigal  
2nd Assistant Stage Manager  
Sophie McNamara  
Lighting Design  
Jack O'Connor  
Assistant Lighting Design/Spotlight  
Ashley Spear  
Light Board Operator  
Kayla Blonigen  
Spotlight Operator  
Riley Dowe  
Spotlight Operator  
Thomas Cahill  
Sound Design/Board Operator  
Grace Koury  
Hair/Make-Up Design  
Wendy Meyers  
Eva Bonsey  
Wardrobe Run Crew  
Talia McNamara  
Deck Crew  
Myles O'Connor  
Deck Crew  
Katie Delaney  
Microphone Technician  
Nicole Kendall  
House Manager  
Neil Gordon  
Scenery Construction Support  
Kevin Gerstner, Kurt Mungenast, Kyle Mungenast, Pat Freeman
Scenic Painting Support  
Matt Baynes  



Anything Goes Fun Fact: Anything Goes opened on November 21, 1934 at Broadway’s Alvin Theatre (now known as the Neil Simon), where it ran for 420 performances (the fourth longest-running musical of the 1930s).  


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