Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR. - December 06 - December 09, 2018

Walnut Creek Middle School

 End Notes 

A 'tale as old as time', Beauty and the Beast is one of those musicals that for me will always hold a special place in my heart. The beautiful music and lyrics tell a compelling story that spans across generations of fans.


Our students have been working tirelessly on our production, and I am so proud of the work they have put in over the past three months. I hope their love of musical theater continues to grow every day as they share their gifts and talents with our community.


This program would not be possible without the support of our community. We have been gifted with brand new microphones this year, which our theater was desperately in need of. Thanks to this donation, we have been able to continue training students on microphone useage, and how to work a soundboard.


As it is often said, it takes a village to raise a musical, and our village came has come to life. This program thrives on the support of our community members who have donated their time, skills, and resource,s to all of the construction and technical aspects of the theater. A very special thank you to all of those who have lent a helping hand in this production.


Thank you for joining us this weekend. We are thrilled to have played a small part of continuing the tradition of theater excellence here at Walnut Creek Middle School.




Xander Greene


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