Disney's Beauty and the Beast JR. - December 06 - December 09, 2018

Walnut Creek Middle School


Crew Members  
Stage Direction  
Mary Rashid  
Musical Direction  
Xander Greene  
Katie Bardocz, Jared Rachon  
Construction Head  
Rebecca Cal  
Assistant Construction Head  
Troy "Skip" Dunlap  
Costume Head  
Allison Dunlap  
Assistant Costume Head  
Amy Cody  
Dramatic Coaching  
Tyler Francavilla  
Dramatic Coaching  
Anita Arslanian  
Vocal Coaching  
Annie Griffin  
Sound Engineer  
Dave Hocher  
Lighting Design  
Carlos Oxholm  
Rose Construction  
Gina Sartor  
Emily Molczyk  
Tom Hite  
Hans Leidich  
Banquet Head  
Sherry Holbrook  

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