The Drowsy Chaperone - April 30 - May 08, 2021

Wayzata High


The Wayzata Theatre Boosters is a group of parents who support the Wayzata High School Theatre program through fundraising, publicity and other activities.  With our graduating seniors, we are excited to recruit new participants!  We are especially looking for people with photography skills, accounting skills or interest in coordinating flower sales during the shows.  We welcome anyone with interests or skills in concessions, organizing, publicity, social media or just general boosting!

If you are interested in joining our board, please contact Suzanne Hoagland, Board President, at Visit our Wayzata High School Theatre website:



John and Dina Bergren

Danielle Blanton

Jennie Borken

Patrick and Aimee Brantseg

David and Katie Brenke

The Cofman Family

Paul and Julie Dymit

Leigh and Chip Engdahl 

Mark and Jennifer Giebig

Jeff and Grace Gilbertson

Ann and Tom Grendahl

Leondra and Brent Hanson

The Hoagland Family

The Hotovec Family

Russ Jahnke

Kristine Johnson

Kent Kehrberg

Suzanne Kinney

Mark and Jennifer Kleven

Monica and Shannon Kocon

William Mielke

Eric and Amy Moon

Sonya Payne

Mark and Jodi Richard

Dan and Mary Roth

Michelle and Ric Saatzer

Fred and Dianne Schjolberg

Matt and Nichola Schoenfelder

April Sodt

Debbie Steen

The Taylor Family

Mark and Teresa Weum

Chris and Shannon Whealy


2020-21 Booster Board:
Suzanne Hoagland- President
Mary Roth - Secretary
Paul Dymit - Publicity
Jennifer Kleven - Treasurer
Grace Gilbertson- Concessions
Aimee Brantseg - Yard Signs
Lisa Leland - Photography
Tricia Cofman - Decorations, Tech Week Meals
Anne Grendahl - Dance Classes
Katie Brenke - Tech Week Meals, Decorations

Michelle Saatzer - Treat Bags, Decorations

Monica Kocon - Board Member


Celebrate a Drowsy Chaperone Company Member:

We invite you to our website to purchase stars, jelly bean champagne flutes and flowers for company members of this hard-working group. Here you will be able to personalize messages that we will transcribe onto STARS, and 'Theatre Boosters will make sure it is available in the foyer for the next evening of the Drowsy Chaperone performance.' If you choose to purchase a jelly bean-filled champagne flute OR flowers, you can also personalize a message, and we will make them available for Drowsy Chaperone company members ON CLOSING NIGHT!

Our website is here:

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