A Christmas Carol - November 30 - December 03, 2016

Wells High School

 Synopsis of Scenes 

The play is set in London 1843; various other locations past, present, and future appear in the mind of Ebeneezer Scrooge
Act I  
Marley's Ghost
The First of the Three Spirits
Act II  
The Second of the Three Spirits
The Last of the spirits
The End of It

There will be a 15-minute intermission between Act I and Act II



Director's Notes


The love affair I have with this iconic story began in 1971. My well-intentioned parents thought it a good idea to bring their three year old son to watch Albert Phinney play the title role in the movie musical Scrooge. There I sat between my folks, barely able to see over the seat in front of me, tightly clasping my box of Jujyfruits. I cowered in fear as Jacob Marley and each spirit greeted, guided, tormented, and frightened Scrooge;  I wept when I saw Tiny Tim’s lone crutch;  I cheered along with the rest of the audience as Scrooge returned to the human race, reborn as a contributing member, with Tiny Tim high atop his shoulder. The most memorable moment came when the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come removed his hood to reveal a skeleton face to Scrooge. He backs Scrooge up, scaring him into his grave. Scrooge falls through the grave into Hell, where he meets a somewhat friendlier Jacob Marley for the second time,  and then burns his finger on a wall with a loud “Hiss”; I jumped so hard with surprise that I spilled my Jujyfuits everywhere.


As I grow older, my reverence for Charles Dickens and this novel does not wane; I played the role of Scrooge in 1994, and directed the play at WHS in 2000; This time, I decided to create my own adaptation when I was unable to find a script that I liked. It is my goal to scare you a little, make you chuckle, and hopefully pull a tear from your eye.


The talent, dedication, and team effort of this cast and crew has made this production a true pleasure from the first audition through opening night. My heartfelt thanks to Judi, David, Paul, Jay and Bailey, my production team, who worked tirelessly to make a show of this caliber possible.Thank you Assistant Principal Gould, Principal Sheehy, and Superintendent Daly for supporting the renovation of our amazing new performing arts center. We all hope that you enjoy watching this play as much as we have enjoyed producing it!


Enjoy the Show!


Andrew W. Lopez 


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