A Christmas Carol - November 30 - December 03, 2016

Wells High School


Cast Members  
Ebeneezer Scrooge, a cantankerous, covetous old sinner  
Richard Patnaude  
Jacob Marley, the ghost of Scrooge's deceased partner  
Parker McDermott  
Old Joe, a villainous old pawnbroker  
Tyler McDonnell  
Bob Cratchit, Scrooge's clerk  
Jackson Woodman  
Fred, Scrooge's nephew  
John Keniston  
Mrs. Cratchit, Bob Cratchit's wife  
Danielle Jarosz  
Belle, Scrooge's ex-fiancee  
Sarah Holdsworth  
Philanthropist #1, a collector of donations for the poor  
Kathleen Perry  
Philanthropist #2, a collector of donations for the poor  
Alexis Howes  
Caroler, who sings by Scrooge's door, goes to buy goose at the end  
Seana Grealey  
Ghost in the Night  
Caeli Beecher  
Ghost in the Night  
Charlie Clough  
Ghost in the Night  
Emily Jarvis  
Ghost in the Night  
Elliana Poulin  
Ghost in the Night  
Spencer Poulin  
The Ghost of Christmas Past, a small, mysterious, wise figure  
Katie Reidy  
Boy Scrooge, Scrooge in grade school  
Allison Jarvis  
Fan, Scrooge's childhood sister  
Skyler Klinner-Lozano  
Fezziwig, a merry former employer of Scrooge  
Michael Patnaude  
Young Scrooge, in his early twenties  
Logan Worthley  
Richard Wilkins, Scrooge's friend at Fezziwig's  
Jack Gregory  
Mrs. Fezziwig, Fezziwig's wife  
Bella White  
Fezziwig Guest  
Jessica Bacon  
Fezziwig Guest  
Caeli Beecher  

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