Dear Edwina JR. - April 19 - April 20, 2024

West Clermont Middle School


ACT 1  
"Paw Paw, Michigan"  
The Paw Paw Kids
"Up On The Fridge"  
"Dear Edwina"  
The Paw Paw Kids
"Here Comes a Letter!"  
The Paw Paw Kids
"Say No Thank You"  
Susie & the Napkins; Johnny; The Queen of Boolah Boolah
"Another Letter!"  
The Paw Paw Kids
Vladimir; Shelley Mary; Shelley's Birthday Guests; Frank; Frank's Ma
"Fork, Knife, Spoon"  
Edwina; Chef Ludmilla; Fairy Forkmother; William; Sonoma; the Napkins; the Fork Ensemble
"Time for Intermission"  
The Paw Paw Kids
ACT 2  
"Here Come More Letters"  
The Paw Paw Kids
"Hola, Lola"  
Edwina; Lola; Harry; Harry's Friends & Family
Ziggy; Ziggy's Band
"Put It In The Piggy"  
Mary Sue Betty Bob; Farmer Jerry; Farmer Ensemble; Piggy Ensemble
"Thanks For Coming (Part 1)"  
The Paw Paw Kids
Scott; The Paw Paw Kids
"Thanks For Coming (Part 2)"  
The Paw Paw Kids
"Up On The Fridge Breakdown"  
"Sing Your Own Song/Up On the Fridge (Reprise)"  
Edwina; Full Cast
"Bows/Hola Lola Encore"  
Full Cast



There will be a 10 minute intermission between acts.

The curtain will not close during intermission, but house lights will come on.

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