Dear Edwina JR. - April 19 - April 20, 2024

West Clermont Middle School

 Who's Who 

  • Chloe Bailey head shot

    Chloe Bailey

    Frank's Ma | Hola Lola & Farmer Ensembles | u/s Mary Sue Betty Bob

    Hi, I am Chloe Bailey. I am an 8th grader at WCMS. This is my 3rd year acting. You might have seen me in Madagascar Jr. and Seussical Jr.! When not acting, I enjoy going to the gym, playing my saxophone, and doing Winter Guard. I would ilke to thank my mom, dad, and grandma! Shoutout to my grandpa who will be me from above, cheering me on. Break a leg and don't be like my son Frank at a birthday party!

  • Miakiley Ballein head shot

    Miakiley Ballein

    Fork Ensemble

    Miakiley is a 7th grader at WCMS.

  • Ava Bishop head shot

    Ava Bishop

    Fork Ensemble

    Ava is a 7th grader at WCMS. This is her first musical! She is excited to have a role in the Fork Ensemble in Dear Edwina Jr. She hopes to further develop her talent and play a larger role next year! When not acting, Ava enjoys listening to music, playing with friends, and sleeping. She would like to thank her mom and dad for believing in her, picking her up from rehearsals, and giving her lots of encouragement! She would also like to thank her friends for encouraging her. She can't wait to say "Hola Lola" to you all!

  • Laila Bland head shot

    Laila Bland

    Fork Ensemble

    Laila is a 6th grader at WCMS. This is her second time acting in a play/musical! When not acting, Laila enjoys playing games like Roblox, Fortnite, etc. She also enjoys playing outside and sleeping. She would like to thank her mom, dad, and sister for picking her up and giving her a bunch of encouragement!!! Never forget to sing your own song!!!

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