PUFFS - November 18 - November 20, 2021

West High Theatre Dept


Thank you to the following people for supporting West High Theatre


  • Play Production Parents for all of their support and financial donations to allow us to create amazing productions!
  • Adam Sack for always being there and knowing exactly what to do!
  • Steve for making my productions look so professional
  • Marcie Barrett and Sandy Johnson for organizing all of the tech dinners
  • Kirsten Wolf and Tracey Sarkisian for Lobby Planning and Decoration!
  • All of the parents who donated their time during tech week
  • WHS Admin Team
  • WHS Teaching staff
  • WHS Clerical Staff
  • Kevin Knapp and the WHS Custodial Staff
  • Debbie Yearta 
  • Amanda Yearta
  • The Trattner Family
  • The Oakley Family
  • The Leone Family
  • The Fink Family
  • The Gibson Family
  • The Kotecki Family
  • The Barrett Family
  • The Johnson Family
  • Natalie Hastings for being my sounding board for all of my crazy ideas
  • WHS VPA Teachers
  • Richie, Mikaela and Abygail Cimmento for allowing me to fill my theatre soul
  • Nancy and Gil Orabuena for helping in all areas of childcare!
  • TUSD Maintenance and Operations 

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