Grease: School Version - November 02 - November 10, 2018

West Ottawa High School

 Director's Note 

Grease was written in 1971 by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey as an homage to late 1950s teen movies and to Jim Jacobs’ high school experiences while he attended William Howard Taft School in Chicago, IL. The musical is often considered a “fluff” musical because it uses a rather simple storyline to hold together a variety of clever rock and roll pastiche songs.


On the surface, it’s the story of “cool” high school kids in the late ’50s, who amuse the audience with defiant pranks and first love woes. More deeply, it deals with the struggle of growing up. The actors on stage are not much different than the 1950’s characters they are playing. Just like Danny, Sandy, the Burger Palace Boys, and the Pink Ladies, kids today are still dealing with issues surrounding self-identity, romantic interests, fitting in, peer pressure, and learning to become their true self.

Often, people view Sandy “as a good girl gone bad”, but I think Sandy has always had a bit of the dangerous side to her, just like Danny has a sensitive side that he so desperately hides. By the end of the show, they each change not only to be more pleasing to each other, but to be more truthful to themselves.


Most people know Grease from the movie, and so many of the classic memories are here to remind you of that iconic film. Few people, however, actually know the original broadway show. That is the show we present to you tonight, although it’s been toned down a bit to be appropriate for our stage. I think you will be delighted by many of the songs you may have never heard before as well as those Grease classics like Summer Nights, We Go Together, You’re the One That I Want, and Born to Hand Jive.


The cast, crew, and band of Grease: School Version have been a oy to work with. This is one of the most difficult dance shows we ave done in some time, and the kids are simply amazing. We hope you enjoy this quaint, little jaunt into a unique bit of Americana.


So wrap your mittens around your kittens and away we go!”


-Joe Huber

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