Grease: School Version - November 02 - November 10, 2018

West Ottawa High School

 Who's Who 

  • Anna VanKampen head shot

    Anna VanKampen

    as Miss Lynch

    This is Anna's first high school musical. For Anna, the best part of Grease has been meeting new people and strengthening friendships She looks forward to being in WOSWE this year! Anna thanks her sister, Brooke for being her biggest support system and for always encouraging her to do unimaginable things. Anna also thanks her parents for driving her everywhere.

  • Emmorey Strait head shot

    Emmorey Strait

    as Patty Simcox

    “It has been so much fun working with everyone in Grease, I had such a great experience!” Emmy coaches gymnastics, runs track, and participates in student senate. She plans to become a certified gymnastics coach. Emmorey thanks her parents, brother Andersen, grandparents, extended family and friends, and her Grandpa Steve.

  • Nick Zavala head shot

    Nick Zavala

    as Eugene Florczyk

    Nick thanks his sisters, mom and dad for all their support. He would like to thank Zyon and Benny because they're like brothers. Lastly he would like to thank Mr. Huber. “Mr. Huber is an amazing director and someone that I’ll never forget about throughout my life. West Ottawa theatre has been the best part of my high school experience.”

  • Grace Bruins head shot

    Grace Bruins

    as Sandy Dumbrowski

    Grace thinks the coolest part about rehearsing for Grease has been learning the 50s dance moves and bonding with new people in the cast. She will be attending a university next fall to study counseling/psychology. Grace thanks her parents for supporting her passion for the past 4 years. She thanks her sisters for being her best friends. Grace also thanks Mr. Huber.

  • Ben Hoey head shot

    Ben Hoey

    as Johnny Casino

    For Ben, the best part about being in Grease has been creating bonds between the cast and crew. It is a really amazing experience to make such wonderful art with great friends. He would like to thank his family for supporting him in everything he does. Ben dedicates this performance to his late grandma. “I know you will be watching in heaven. Rest easy.”

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