Legally Blonde The Musical - April 27 - April 29, 2023

Western Alamance High

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Finn, Kania, Amara, & Kyle head shot

    Finn, Kania, Amara, & Kyle

    Stage Managers

    -Finn Brame is a remarkable student, who has done it all. She is the only one who can spray paint correctly. Finn wants to thank all of her haters who have made this possiple.

    -Kania Nichols (not pictured) is a junior at western high school. she always gets things done, and is ms C favorite student. And SHE'S THAT GIRL!!!!!.

    -Amara Phoeung is one of the seniors, although she doesn't act like one... She often zones out (not more than Tyler) but still gets the work done! Amara has crossed islands and climbed mountains to get to school, she's so cool:o  PS Tyler lied in his bio.

    -Kyle Romanchik is a funny guy who is into theater and loves video games. has a good personality and can be clutch and is a great improviser. 

  • Mackenzie, Athena, Camila, & Will head shot

    Mackenzie, Athena, Camila, & Will

    Props Design

    -Mackenzie Miller is also a cast member.

    -Athena Robinson is a hard working student who has an addiction to caffeine. She has been doing her best to help out wherever she can. She hopes everyone enjoys the show!

    -Camila Soto-Cruz is a hard-working human who has an unhealthy obsession with power tools (and pedro pascal). She's pretty cool and shes glad you came to see the show :)

    -Will West is a dedicated worker. He had quite a fun time building the sets and props with his group.

  • Milo, Vick, & Nathan head shot

    Milo, Vick, & Nathan

    Scenic Design

    -Milo Besanceney is a person. They like to work and don’t like school. They worked on some stuff. You may see their hard-work in scenes like the restaurant.

    -Vick Martinez is really cool and is working 2 jobs. She helped with very little but still helped so that counts for something. 

    -Nathan is also a cast member.

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