Legally Blonde The Musical - April 27 - April 29, 2023

Western Alamance High

 Who's Who 

  • Abby Barber head shot

    Abby Barber

    as Vivienne Kensington

    is a Sophomore here at Western and she couldn't be more excited for this fabulous show! This is her fourth show with Western and is a Co-Vice President of WA Theatre. She thanks you for coming to the show, and hopes you enjoy all of the hard work we have put into this production!

  • Jeri Barringer head shot

    Jeri Barringer

    as Enid Hoopes

    is a junior and works hard to achieve what she wants. She has been doing theatre since the beginning of her sophomore year and is very passionate about what she does . She loves this show and is excited for you to see it .

  • Sterling Bennett head shot

    Sterling Bennett

    as Bruiser

    would like to thank all the students for sharing their snacks and giving him lots of love. He also wants to thank Ms. C for letting him be a part of the show. He's excited to be a star, but he promises not to let it get to his head!

  • Skylar Cardwell head shot

    Skylar Cardwell

    as Warner Huntington III

    is a senior and this will be their final high school production! You may have seen them as Richard Hanny in "The 39 Steps," but they have also worked with StageKraft productions in "All Together Now" as Lumiere and "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged" as Jess. They are excited to bring their High School experience to a close with these wonderful people.

  • Laurynn Dunbar head shot

    Laurynn Dunbar

    as Paulette

    is a very dedicated actor, She's serious about pursuing acting but can sometimes be a goof and likes to keep the mood up. Laurynn also has a love and talent For voice acting so she loves to do different and exaggerated voices and accents. Laurynn hopes she can hopefully do more in the future and make some new friends while doing so.

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