Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn - November 23 - December 01, 2019

Weston Friendly Society of the Performing Arts

  Musical Synopsis  

Act I  
The WFS Orchestra
Scene 1: The Cat's Meow Nightclub, Stage - August 1946
Steppin' Out With My Baby / I'll Capture Your Heart  
Jim, Ted, Lila, & the Ensemble
Scene 2: Lila's Dressing Room, Backstage at The Cat's Meow immediately following
The Little Things in Life  
Scene 3: Mason Farmhouse, Midville, Connecticut
Blue Skies  
Jim & the Ensemble
Marching Along with Time  
Linda & Jim
Scene 4: Nightclubs, The Midwest / The Farmhouse
Heat Wave  
Ted, Lila, & the Ensemble
Scene 5: Behind the Barn, The Farm
It's a Lovely Day Today  
Jim, Lila, & Louise
Scene 6: KENO Radio Studios, Las Vegas
Plenty to Be Thankful For  
Ted, Lila, & the Ensemble
Scene 7: Linda's Apartment - Thanksgiving 1946
Plenty to Be Thankful For (Reprise)  
Linda & Charlie
Marching Along With Time (Reprise)  
Scene 8: KENO Radio Studios / The Farmhouse
Nothing More to Say  
Scene 9: The Farmhouse - Christmas Eve 1946
Shaking the Blues Away**  
Louise & the Ensemble
White Christmas  
Jim & Linda
Scene 10: Holiday Inn (Stage) - New Year's Eve 1946
Holiday Inn / Happy Holiday  
Jim, Louise, & the Ensemble
Let's Start the New Year Right  
Linda, Jim, Ted, & the Ensemble
The WFS Orchestra
Scene 1: Holiday Inn (Bedroom & Halls) - New Year's Day 1947
You're Easy to Dance With  
Ted & the Girls
Scene 2: Outside Midville Elementary School and Main Street a few days later
Let's Take an Old-Fashioned Walk  
Jim & Linda

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