Irving Berlin's Holiday Inn - November 23 - December 01, 2019

Weston Friendly Society of the Performing Arts


Our sincere thanks to the following individuals, donors, and organizations for their indispensable assistance:


Leon Gaumond, Town Manager

Kara Fleming, Office of the Town Manager

Chief Soars and the Weston Fire Department

Chief Michael J. Goulding and the Weston Police Department

John Field, Weston Building Inspector

John Zaccardi and the Weston Dept of Public Works

Beth Ann Boles and the Weston Board of Health

Weston Board of Selectmen

Weston Community Children's Association

Weston PTO

Weston Media Center

Wellesley High School Volunteers

Whole Foods Market

Holly Sullivan

Pamela Fox

Helen Hamel

Brian Higgins

Emily Hurst

Alix Mackey

Denise Grenier Rudd

Marianne Senatore

.......and the countless others who help and support us in so many ways!!!





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