The Beverly Hillbillies - February 14 - February 15, 2019

Wilbur Wright Theatre Company




Dr. Jeffrey Hendrix and the School Town of Munster Administration

Dr. Andrew Sargent and the Wilbur Wright Middle School Administration

Mr. James Dancy and the Munster High School Custodial Staff



The Cost of Theatre

It takes many people and much creative and physical effort to bring you outstanding theatrical productions.  And while much of that work is done without monetary compensation, there are many expenses to putting on a production.  Here is but a sample of what it costs to put on The Beverly Hillbillies:


Scripts and Rights:                          $750.00

Production Supplies:                       $250.00


As you can see, over $1000 went into this production before we even sold one ticket!  Here is how your ticket price is spent:


If you bought your ticket online ($6)

Service fee for Booktix (the company we contract with):  $1.25


As you can see here, for every pre-sold ticket, only $4.75 goes to paying for the production


If you bought your ticket at the door ($8)

Service fee for Booktix (the company we contract with):  $ .25


For every ticket sold at the door, we make a little bit more ($7.75).  However, we encourage our patrons to buy in advance to save money and save the wait in line.  It also helps us plan for concessions and programs!


What about the Roses and Concessions?

The money we make from the wooden roses goes to help our students afford the costs to attend the Indiana Thespians State Conference and the International Thespian Festival.  Concessions profits help us to cover non-production expenses such as perusal scripts, dialect training (as we had for this show and for our contest play this year), and other supplies to help run our program.


Thank you for attending and for bringing your friends and family to our events!


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