Jekyll & Hyde - July 11 - July 14, 2019

Wilde Theatre Company


A very special thank you to the following people

without whom this


Wilde Theatre Company

premiere production


would not be possible:



Friends Of Steinbrenner Theatre Booster Organization for partnering with Wilde for this exciting educational outreach production. 



Lisa Coxon and Ray Benjamin for assisting with costuming! 



Steinbrenner Theatre Department for technical and production support. 



Steinbrenner Band Boosters for lending us the scaffolding, and several of your finest musicians. 



The Steinbrenner High School Administration, and particularly

Ms. Kelly King for the support and assistance.



Mr. Jas M Warren for prop and costume lending, and overall support.



The Warfield Family for help with publicity and child care. 



Special thanks for all of the technical support to Drew McMullian and our friends at Beamworks, Inc




Our Sponsors:

Beamworks, Inc

Steinbrenner Theatre Department

River Ridge Theatre Department

Wharton Theatre Department



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